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Listen to the Al Kitaab Audio. (password protected)


  • Arabic news clips, interviews, and television commercials for free. Designed for students, the videos are grouped according to level of proficiency (blue = elementary) and each video can be played at slower speeds.
  • simplified news releases, read at a relatively slow pace, including listening comprehension questions and transcripts. While no longer updated, it remains an excellent resource. Older webcasts of news items are available for the years 2009 and 2010.

Read Arabic children's books online for free.

Buy Arabic books online; based in California, this Arabic language bookseller carries a wide range of titles.

Type in Arabic on your Windows PC (take note of steps 7a and 8c) or on your Mac OS X.

Private Instruction
PAR does not currently offer private instruction, but some of our instructors offer additional tutoring to their students. Such tutoring is available only to currently registered PAR students, not as a substitute for group classes. If you are enrolled in one of our group classes and would like to schedule time with a tutor, please contact your instructor to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

2014 Academic Calendar

Winter Term
Jan 6 - Mar 2

Spring 1 Term
Mar 3 - Apr 27

Spring 2 Term
Apr 28 - Jun 22

Summer Term
Jun 23 - Aug 17

Fall Break: one week

Fall 1 Term
Aug 25 - Oct 19

Fall 2 Term
Oct 20 - Dec 21
Includes one-week break for Thanksgiving (11/24-11/30).

Winter Break: two weeks