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Pacific Arabic Early Fall News
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Register Now for Fall 1 Classes
Our Fall 1 classes begin the week of August 25. Be sure to register by July 25 as tuition will increase each Saturday after that. You may enroll online or by mail. We look forward to seeing you at PAR!

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Beginner Farsi this Fall
If you're interested in learning Farsi, now is the time! In the Fall 1
Bita Gholamali
term we're offering Farsi 1 for complete beginners. In addition, we're offering Intermediate Farsi 1 for students who have completed one year of the language. Instructor Bita Gholamali, a native of Tehran, has been teaching at PAR since 2012. Bita will also teach our Advanced Nasta'liq calligraphy class in the Fall 1 term. Meanwhile, she continues to study Arabic at PAR on Saturdays.
Translate this Sentence: Our Fall 1 Contest  
Miranda, a student in our Summer Intensive Arabic class, prepared a "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle for her classmates last week. Can you translate the sentence? Email us your translation for a chance to win our Fall 1 contest. (Read the caption if you find it difficult to read the text in the picture.) The first person to submit a correct translation will get $50 off an eight-week class during the Fall 1 term. Submissions must be received no later than 5pm on July 17 for consideration. The winner will be notified by July 21.

أحب الشوارع الجميلة والبيوت القديمة في سان فرانسيسكو

Student Snippets

What's the Dual of "Prep School"? 

Miranda Huson (pictured above) is learning a lot of Arabic this summer in our intensive class for beginners. In September she'll enter her sophomore year at St. Ignatius Prep in San Francisco. Also in her class is Austin Foley, a graduate of St. Ignatius Prep in Sherman, TX. (We couldn't make this stuff up!) Austin is spending the summer in San Francisco studying Arabic before returning to Austin College this fall.


Across the Pond  

Peter Jaques, one of our first students in 2001, is currently in Greece and Turkey on an ethnomusicology Fulbright. We're not entirely sure he's ever coming back! Meanwhile, Danny Stoian is finally returning to the US from Bahrain, where he's been living for several years. 


Arabic: Just Can't Get Enough 

Jozee Adamson probably broke a record at PAR last term when she took classes with three of our instructors at the same time: pronunciation with Rama, grammar with Maher and reading/writing with Nasser. Obviously, this was a great boost to her Arabic education. Some people can't get enough!

Book News
Anne Germanacos has been touring the country following the publication of her second book, Tribute. She'll be back in town for a series of readings this fall, so check out her event schedule and interview on KQED.

Youngest Members of our Community

Former student David Moles and his wife Meredith are now proud parents of Miriam, the newest addition to our community. Last year, regulars Lindsey Maclise and Ibrahim Almufti had a son, Bakr. Lindsey reports, "... the time we had at PAR was a success as our main goal was to be able to have our children learn some Arabic young. So for me to be able to read it to him is great." Coincidentally, Bakr was born on September 19, the same day former PAR registrar Sarah Ohring-Ffinch and her husband Simon had their daughter Alisha. Both sets of parents will be celebrating their babies' first birthday during the Fall 1 term. 

Summer Intensive Arabic: Liftoff! 

Jamal with 2014 Summer
Intensive Arabic students
Our Summer Intensive Arabic: Beginner class brought a diverse group of talented students to the classroom. Coming from as far away as Virginia and Texas, these students are completing an entire year of college-level Arabic before the end of August. This year's group has a real nose to the grindstone approach that's serving them well. In January we'll offer Winter Intensive Arabic, covering our Arabic 1-3 curricula in four weeks. Join us!
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